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Child Support Services Division

The Office of the Attorney General's Child Support Services Division (CSSD) can enforce child support orders by attaching and seizing assets owned by those owing child support and held in financial institutions.  Seizures can take place without a court order.  CSSD first issues a Writ of Attachment and funds are frozen.  If a review by CSSD does not result in a withdrawal of the Writ of Attachment, CSSD issues an Order of Condemnation to the financial institution.  If you have received an Order of Condemnation, you have 30 days after its date to request a hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings.  

Sample Decisions

Sample Decisions

Administrative law judges issue a written decision for every case that is contested. The decisions below are examples of some issues raised in Office of Administrative Hearings’ cases involving this agency. You can review these decisions to get a sense of how prior cases were decided.

Please note that the facts of each case are different. These cases should be used for informational purposes only.

Agency LawAgency Law

Administrative law judges base their decisions upon many sources of law, chief among them the District of Columbia laws (DC Official Code) and the District of Columbia regulations (DCMR). Depending on the type of case, federal law (US Code) and federal regulations (CFR) may also be relevant. Cases decided on the issues in other courts, especially the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, are relevant.