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Filing Documents

Your health and safety are of paramount concern to the District Government. If you need to reschedule a hearing du to COVID-19 please see the following:


If you or a close family member:

show symptoms of COVID-19

have travelled internationally within the last 60 days

have a compromised immune system and/or are over age 60

have been in close contact with someone who shows the symptoms of COVID-19, or

if your child’s school is closed

You may request that you appear for a hearing by telephone or that your hearing be rescheduled to a later date.  Please complete the attached COVID-19 MODIFICATION REQUEST  form found at the bottom of this page and submit it to OAH as soon as possible.  An Administrative Law Judge will review your request.  All other requests to appear by telephone or to continue a hearing you must comply with OAH Rules 2813.5, 2811, and 2811.2.


Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, OAH is currently not accepting in-person filings at OAH.

You may file documents with the Office of Administrative Hearings by e-mailing the documents, by mail, or by fax.

The preferred method of filing is to complete the filing documents online form.

Other alternative options for filing documents are also available:

  • e-mailing the documents along with the OAH cover sheet to [email protected] (papers sent to any other e-mail address will NOT be accepted for filing)
  • mailing the documents to the Office of Administrative Hearings, 441 Fourth Street, NW, Suite 450N, Washington, DC 20001
  • faxing the documents to (202) 442-4789

Every paper filed by e-mail must contain the following (see OAH Rule 2810):

  • The name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the person filing it;
  • The case number assigned by OAH, or a statement that a case number has not yet been assigned;
  • A brief description of the paper (e.g., “request for hearing,” “motion for new hearing date,” “exhibits/documents for hearing.”).

A filing that does not contain this information is subject to rejection. The OAH cover sheet can be used to satisfy this requirement. Note: The brief description of the paper also should be placed in the "subject" line of the e-mail.

All papers to be filed electronically should be in .pdf format. The papers should be attached to an e-mail, and not contained in the body of the e-mail itself.

The filing date for an electronic filing received during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time, on any business day) will be the date it is received in the correct OAH electronic mailbox. The filing date for an electronic filing received after OAH business hours will be the next day that the Clerk's Office is open for business. The date recorded in the correct OAH electronic mailbox shall be conclusive proof of the date and time that the e-mail was received.

Once a case has been started, any documents filed must also be sent to the other parties in the case. You can send any documents to the other parties by in-person hand delivery, first class mail or fax (if available). You can email documents to the other parties ONLY IF there has been a prior agreement to do so. However, to send documents to the other parties, you must file a Certificate of Service saying that you have sent the documents to the other parties in the case and the way in which you sent them.