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Filing Documents Online Form

This form is used for the electronic filing of documents for the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Alternative methods of filing documents are also available.

The certification requirement of OAH Rule 2814 applies to all electronic filings.

  • You must send a copy of anything you file (except the request for a hearing that begins a case) to the other party, and include a statement certifying that you have done so. You may not send the copy to the other party by e-mail unless the other party has consented in writing. OAH Rule 2811.
  • Parties should recognize that papers filed by e-mail are not delivered directly to the inbox of the presiding Administrative Law Judge, but to a separate inbox. Parties should not assume that a paper filed by e-mail has reached an Administrative Law Judge immediately after it is sent.
  • A party filing any paper by e-mail is responsible for any delay, disruption, interruption of electronic signals, legibility and completeness of the paper, and accepts the risk that the paper may not be filed.
Enter the case number assigned to you by OAH or a statement that a case number has not yet been assigned.
Provide a brief description of the paper (eg “request for hearing”, “motion for new hearing date” or “exhibits/documents for hearing”).
All filings must be uploaded as PDF files.
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