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Office of Administrative Hearings

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Repunzelle Bullock

Administrative Law Judge

Judge Bullock was appointed to serve as an administrative law judge with the District of Columbia Office of Administrative Hearings in September 2018. 

Prior to her appointment, Judge Bullock spent 17 years practicing law with an emphasis on labor and employment law.  She has worked in a variety of industries including: healthcare, higher-education, and local government. 

In August 2007, Judge Bullock joined the District of Columbia Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (OLRCB).  During her 11 years at OLRCB, Judge Bullock handled numerous arbitration and unfair labor practice cases and successfully negotiated successor collective bargaining agreements for various District of Columbia government agencies.  Judge Bullock served in a number of positions at OLRCB including Attorney Advisor, Supervisory Attorney Advisor (Negotiations) and most recently as the Director of the agency.

Throughout her legal career, Judge Bullock has served as an Equal Employment Opportunity counselor.  In this capacity, she has investigated complaints of discrimination, made findings of fact, and issued probable cause determinations.  Judge Bullock also facilitated the resolution of numerous informal equal employment opportunity claims.

Judge Bullock earned her undergraduate degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University.  She received her law degree from the George Washington University School of Law in May 1998.