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Office of Administrative Hearings

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All hearing requests, documents, and other written submissions (generally called “papers”) may be filed at OAH in person or by mail, email, or fax. For some types of filings, you may also use the OAH eFiling Portal.

How to file in person

Where is OAH located?

OAH is in the One Judiciary Square building (also called the “Marion S. Barry, Jr. Building”) at 441 Fourth Street, Northwest. The building is located above the Judiciary Square Metro stop (“4th Street/U.S. and D.C. Courthouses” exit) on the Red Line. The D6 Metro bus also stops nearby at the corner of Fourth and E Streets Northwest. If driving, you must find a metered street parking space or pay for a parking garage in the area. OAH does not have free parking or validate parking.

How do I find OAH once I get to the building?

OAH is in Suite 450 North, meaning OAH is on the fourth floor, on north side of the building. To get there, enter the front entrance of the building and go to the security checkpoint. Follow the security guard’s instructions to go through the metal detector. You will need photo identification, such as a driver’s license, to get through security. Once you pass security, go to the left for the elevators in the "North Lobby." Take an elevator to the fourth floor, and you will see the entrance to OAH when you get off the elevator. Go through the glass double doors and let the staff at the front desk know that you want to file something.

You can file in person during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays. However, OAH currently has a Modified Operating Schedule for in-person visits. If you arrive during business hours, but at a time OAH is closed to walk-in visits, you may still file papers using the gray drop box right outside the entrance. Step-by-step instructions are on the table next to the double doors. Commonly used forms and pens are also on the table next to the double doors.

How to file by mail

You can send papers by mail to this address:

Clerk’s Office
D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings
441 Fourth Street NW, Suite 450 North
Washington, DC 20001

If you send a paper by mail, OAH will consider the paper “filed” on the day it is received at OAH during regular business hours. A paper is not “filed” on the day you send it. This can be very important, especially if you are dropping your paper in the mail on or just before a filing deadline – your paper may not arrive at OAH in time to meet the deadline. If you are concerned that mail may take too long, you can use one of the other available filing options to make sure OAH receives your paper more quickly.

How to file by email

You can send papers by email to [email protected].

Papers sent to any other e-mail address will not be accepted for filing.

Papers must be uploaded as an attachment in PDF format, and the attached papers cannot be more than 40 pages total. Also, you should include your case number (if you have one) and a brief description of the paper in the subject line of the email. See OAH Rule 2841 for all other requirements for email filings. You can find the OAH Rules on the Rules & Laws page.

You can also file papers by email using the Online Filing Form. Click the link to go to the form, fill in the boxes with required information, upload a copy of your papers in PDF format, then click “Submit.” The information and attached papers will automatically go to [email protected].

If you send your email during regular business hours, the filing date is the date recorded on the email in OAH filing inbox. But if you send an email outside of business hours, OAH will consider your paper “filed” on the next day OAH is open. For example, if you send an email at 6:00pm on a Friday (which is after the 5:00pm closing time), OAH will consider your paper “filed” on the following Monday (or Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday).

How to file by fax

You can send papers by fax to (202) 442-4789.

If you send your fax during regular business hours, the filing date is the date OAH receives the fax. But if you send a fax outside of business hours, OAH will consider your papers “filed” on the next day OAH is open. For example, if you fax papers at 6:00pm on a Friday (which is after the 5:00pm closing time), OAH will consider your papers “filed” on the following Monday (or Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday).

Papers received by OAH through fax must be complete and legible. If they are not, OAH will not accept the papers. If able, OAH will try to contact you to let you know that a fax was not successful. If you can either file hard copies or successfully resend the fax within 3 calendar days of the first attempt, then OAH will consider the papers “filed” on the date of your first attempt.

How to file using the eFiling Portal

If you need to file a hearing request, the eFiling Portal is available for all case types except for appeals of Department of For-Hire Vehicle tickets.

If you already have an open case, you can create a Portal account to file additional case-related requests and documents. A Portal account can be helpful because it allows you to see a list of everything that is in your case file.

Click here to go to the eFiling Portal page, which has a link to the portal and step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and file documents.


Besides knowing how papers can be filed with OAH, you also need to know other requirements of the filing process, depending on the type of filing. To help make sure you give all the required information and complete all required steps, OAH has forms and instructions to guide you.

Note: Using OAH’s standard forms is not required in most instances, but it is highly preferred. Using a form can help make sure your filing is complete and helps everyone know what you are asking for. But if you are unable to fill in a form electronically or print a form to fill in by hand, you may still view a form online to see what information needs to be included for a particular type of written request. OAH forms are short, only 1 or 2 pages long, so you can make a note of the information needed for the form, and then type or write the information on a blank sheet of paper.

To guide you to the appropriate form and filing instructions, first select where you are in the hearing process:

I need to request a hearing.
I already requested a hearing and have a case at OAH. I want to file exhibits, make a request, or give notice about my case.
I received a Final Order and want to appeal the judge’s decision.

You can also view a single list of all OAH forms.