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Office of Administrative Hearings

Click this link to access the eFiling Portal:

Open Case Forms

If you already have a case at OAH, you can use forms on this page to file various requests and notices as needed.

While these forms and instructions are designed to help make sure you complete all required steps for a filing, you should also look at the OAH Rules for filing requirements. You can find the OAH Rules on the Rules & Laws page. Important rules to follow include:

  • Rule 2809 – Filing of Papers
  • Rule 2810 – Identification of Parties
  • Rule 2811 – How to Serve a Paper
  • Rule 2813 – Motions Procedure
  • Rule 2841 – Filing and Service by E-mail; Other Electronic Submissions

If a filing does not meet the requirements of the OAH Rules, the filing could be rejected.

Cover Sheet for Filing Exhibits and Motions

Any “exhibits” or “motions” you file with OAH must also be “served” on the other party.

  • An exhibit is any document, photo, or other physical item you want to use to support your case.
  • A motion is a request to the judge to take some action in your case.
  • Serving” means delivering, mailing, or faxing copies of your exhibits or motion to the other party in the case. If the other party has agreed in writing, you may also serve exhibits or a motion by email.

When you file copies of exhibits or a motion with OAH, you must include a signed statement to say that you served copies on the other party. This statement is called a “certificate of service.”

To satisfy the certificate of service requirement, you can complete and include this Filing Cover Sheet when you file your exhibits or motion. The Cover Sheet allows you to explain when, how, and to whom you served copies of your exhibits or motion.

Note: If you are using one of the below forms to file a motion, there is no need to use the Cover Sheet. OAH’s standard forms include a Certificate of Service for you to complete, if one is needed.

Updating Contact Information

Use this form if you need to update your contact information.

Case Scheduling Requests

Use this form if you want to postpone your hearing date. This is also called a "continuance."
Use this form if you are scheduled for a remote hearing by telephone but you want a hearing using video or you want a hearing in person at OAH.
Use this form if you are scheduled for an in-person hearing but you want to join by telephone or allow a witness to join by telephone.
Use this form if you are the Petitioner in an OAH case and want to voluntarily withdraw your hearing request or have your case dismissed.

Case Information Requests

A subpoena is a court order that requires someone to come to a hearing to testify as a witness or to give you documents relevant to a case. Click for instructions on how this process works and how to file a request.
Discovery is the formal process of getting information and documents from the other party before an evidentiary hearing. Click for instructions on how this process works and how to file a request.

Notice of Party Representation

Use this form if you are a lawyer and are representing a party. If you are not authorized to practice law in D.C., see OAH Rule 2833 for additional steps you must take.
Use this form if you are a law student and want to represent a party. See OAH Rule 2833 for full requirements.
Use this form if you are not a lawyer or a law student and you want to represent a party in a case.

Consent to Receive Orders and Notices from OAH by Email

OAH may serve orders and notices to you by email if you give your consent in writing or on the record. Most OAH forms have a box that you can check to give your consent, but you can also use one of these forms.

Case File and Hearing Recording Requests and Notices

Use this form to request an audio recording of a hearing. All hearings must be recorded, and the recording is the official record of the hearing.
Use this form to request court documents or to view case files. Some case files may be confidential and can only be given to the party or official representative, unless the party signs a release allowing OAH to give confidential files to specific individuals.
Use this form if you are the party to a case with confidential information and you want OAH to release confidential files to specific individuals.

If you do not see a standard form that covers your type of request or notice, you may use the Blank Submission Form. But be sure to follow the OAH Rules for motions procedure, service, and other rules that may apply.

If you have questions about the OAH Rules or how to use a form, you may contact the OAH Resource Center by calling (202) 442-9094 and pressing “4” from the main menu, or by emailing [email protected].