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Office of Administrative Hearings

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Notice of Appearance and Certification for Law Student and Supervising Attorney

Use the form attached below if you are a law student and want to represent a party. See OAH Rule 2833 for full requirements.

Visit the Filings & Forms page for instructions on how you can file your completed form with OAH.

Utilice el formulario a continuación si usted es estudiante de derecho y desea representar a una parte. Consulte la Regla 2833 de la OAH para conocer todos los requisitos.

Ingrese en la página Spanish (Español) para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo puede presentar su formulario completo ante la OAH.

የህግ ተማሪ ከሆኑ እና አንድ ወገን ለመወከል ከፈለጉ ከታች የተያያዘውን ቅጽ ይጠቀሙ። ለሙሉ መስፈርቶች የOAH ደንብ 2833 ይመልከቱ።

የተጠናቀቀውን ቅጽ በOAH እንዴት ማስገባት እንደሚችሉ መመሪያዎችን ለማግኘት የAmharic (አማርኛ) ገጽ ይጎብኙ።