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Office of Administrative Hearings

Effective April 24, 2023, OAH’s eFiling portal is now available.  You may access the portal here:


OAH is a court of “limited jurisdiction.” This means that OAH only has authority over a disputed issue if there is a law or agreement that specifically gives OAH authority over that issue.

In the area of education, OAH only has jurisdiction over the types of cases listed below. Click on a heading for more specific information about that case type.

These cases involve a long-term suspension (6 or more days) or expulsion of a D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) student
These cases involve disputes over the residency of a student at a DCPS school or a D.C.-funded public charter school.
These cases involve disputes or nonpayment of invoices for special education services of a nonpublic, OSSE-authorized special education program or provider.