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OAH is conducting certain prioritized hearings right now and these will be by telephone only. The agency will be closed to the public until further notice. Read More >>
Phase Two of Reopening Began on June 22

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Webex Hearings

Accessing Webex Hearings at the Office of Administrative Hearings

Dialing into a Webex Hearing:

  • To connect to a Webex hearing, dial OAH’s dedicated Webex telephone number: 1-202-860-2110. You must dial “1” before the area code even if you are calling from a 202-area code telephone number.
  • When you dial the Webex number, you will hear: “Welcome to Webex. Enter your access code or meeting number followed by #.” Enter in the 9-digit access code listed on the Scheduling Order. Below is an example of what an OAH Scheduling Order may look like.
  • After you enter the Access Code, you will hear: “Enter your attendee ID number, followed by #. If you do not know your attendee number, press # to continue.” Simply press #.
  • You will then hear a beep that indicates you have successfully connected to the hearing.

Conclusion of Webex Hearing:

  • At the conclusion of the hearing, simply hang up. If the ALJ ends the Webex meeting, you will hear: “Thanks for using Webex. Visit our website at www.webex.com.” The call will drop right afterwards.

Dialing into Webex Hearing Before the Presiding Judge Begins It:

  • If you attempt to dial into the Webex hearing before the ALJ has started it, you will hear: “The meeting has not yet started.  If you are the meeting host, enter the host pin, followed by #. If you are not the host, press #.” Simply press #.
  • You will then hear: “The host has not joined the meeting. Please standby.” Music will play until the ALJ begins the Webex.
  • When the ALJ starts the Webex, you will hear: “Enter your attendee ID number, followed by #. If you do not know your attendee number, press # to continue.” Simply press #. You will not hear a beep, but you will be live in the Webex hearing.


  • Make sure to connect to the Webex hearing at the date and time listed on your Scheduling Order.
  • If you call into the hearing using a cellular phone, make sure the signal strength where you are making the call is strong. Make sure to call from a quiet environment as loud background noise could hinder how the hearing participants can hear you.
  • If you experience difficulty connecting to the Webex hearing, use the below telephone numbers to connect to the Legal Assistants assigned to the cluster of your case.

Public Benefits (DHS, SHEL, DHCF, DDS, etc.)
(202) 671-0055

Licensing and Enforcement (DCRA, DOH, DOEE, etc.)
(202) 724-4904

Department of Public Works
(202) 727-8284

Employment-Type Cases (DOES, OWH, PSWC, etc.)
(202) 724-4904

  • If you cannot connect to an OAH staff member, and you miss your hearing, you may request a new hearing date. Send your request for a new hearing date to [email protected]