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Office of Administrative Hearings

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Webex Hearings

This page has instructions for accessing Webex hearing at OAH by phone. If you are scheduled for a hearing by phone, you can request a video hearing or an in-person hearing, if you have a good reason for doing so, using the Request for Video Conference or In-Person Hearing form. You must follow the instructions on the form.

Dialing into a Webex Hearing:

  • To connect to a Webex hearing, dial OAH’s dedicated Webex telephone number: 1-202-860-2110. You must dial “1” before the area code even if you are calling from a 202-area code telephone number.
  • When you dial the Webex number, you will hear: “Welcome to Webex. Enter your access code or meeting number followed by #.” Enter in the 9-digit access code listed on the Scheduling Order. Below is an example of what an OAH Scheduling Order may look like.
  • After you enter the Access Code, you will hear: “Enter your attendee ID number, followed by #. If you do not know your attendee number, press # to continue.” Simply press #.
  • You will then hear a beep that indicates you have successfully connected to the hearing.

Conclusion of Webex Hearing:

  • At the conclusion of the hearing, simply hang up. If the ALJ ends the Webex meeting, you will hear: “Thanks for using Webex. Visit our website at” The call will drop right afterwards.

Dialing into Webex Hearing Before the Presiding Judge Begins It:

  • If you attempt to dial into the Webex hearing before the ALJ has started it, you will hear: “The meeting has not yet started.  If you are the meeting host, enter the host pin, followed by #. If you are not the host, press #.” Simply press #.
  • You will then hear: “The host has not joined the meeting. Please standby.” Music will play until the ALJ begins the Webex.
  • When the ALJ starts the Webex, you will hear: “Enter your attendee ID number, followed by #. If you do not know your attendee number, press # to continue.” Simply press #. You will not hear a beep, but you will be live in the Webex hearing.


  • Make sure to connect to the Webex hearing at the date and time listed on your Scheduling Order.
  • If you call into the hearing using a cellular phone, make sure the signal strength where you are making the call is strong. Make sure to call from a quiet environment as loud background noise could hinder how the hearing participants can hear you.
  • If you experience difficulty connecting to the Webex hearing, use the below telephone numbers to connect to the Legal Assistants assigned to your case type:
  • Public Benefits (DHS, SHEL, DHCF, DDS, etc.): (202) 671-0055
  • Licensing and Enforcement (DCRA, DOH, DOEE, etc.): (202) 724-4904
  • Department of Public Works: (202) 727-8284
  • Unemployment Benefits: (202) 442-8175
  • Public Sector Workers' Compensation, Paid Family Leave Benefits, or Wage/Hour Dispute: (202) 442-7644
  • Rental Housing: (202) 442-7644
  • D.C Public Schools: (202) 442-7644
  • If you cannot connect to an OAH staff member, and you miss your hearing, you may request a new hearing date. Send your request for a new hearing date to [email protected].